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So You Want To Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is definitely the “hot” old language with a new spin. With Microsoft betting on JavaScript with Windows 8 and their WinRT platform architecture now it probably a good time to start learning it. So where do you begin? A couple key starters are books. Two highly recommended books are: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by… Read More »

The Deal Breakers

So recently the question was posed to me as to what some deal breakers are in an I.T. job. When I say deal breakers I mean the “conditions or circumstances that you could absolutely not work under or that would cause you enough difficulty to quit”. The first thing that comes to mind for most… Read More »

The JQuery Trap

JQuery is the awesomesauce. I mean it’s the bomb and John Resig (the creator) is a JavaScript god. JQuery is a very useful tool… the right scenario. If you don’t know what JQuery is it’s a JavaScript library that greatly simplifies accessing the DOM in the web browser.. For example, instead of selecting all the content with… Read More »

GiveCamp Greeley/NoCo Wrapup

So last weekend we held the Northern Colorado GiveCamp. A quick synopsis of GiveCamp: GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations. Overall we had about 20 I.T. professionals onsite helping out 6 charities. Not… Read More »

GiveCamp Greeley

So it’s time once again for another GiveCamp and this time we’re hosting it here in my hometown Greeley, Colorado. It looks like we have some great sponsors lined up for the event, the charities are filling in nicely, and volunteers are trickling in. If you happen to be a GiveCamp “newb” and are on… Read More »

Do The Kan Kanban?

What is Kanban? Kanban means “billboard” or “sign” in Japanese. Originally developed as a way for Toyota to optimize their assembly line flow it has since been used for numerous other industries and even in your personal life as a form of organization. Getting started is pretty easy. First assemble the following items: Whiteboard Sticky… Read More »

Following Me On Twitter

If you’re thinking about following me on Twitter: I don’t always tweet about “X technology”. Although a big part of my life is computers, programming, SQL server, and other technology I don’t always tweet about it. I try to keep a good mix and at any given time I tweet about life, family, or just… Read More »

Leveraging AWS for Website Failover

Traditionally when planned (or unplanned) data center outages occur the company website is the most visible hit. This leaves the web folks scrambling to find a solution to bring something up for the outside users while the problem is addressed. However, unless the internal problem is fixed, the only way out is to stand up… Read More »

Don’t Bash Users, Bash Problems

Edward Tufte once said “Only two industries refer to their customers as ‘users’: computer design and drug dealing.” I find the comparison interesting for the fact that “users” need I.T. professionals in a similar way (sans the addiction part). It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about grandma needing help setting up her e-mail, or the… Read More »