GiveCamp Greeley

By | April 18, 2012

So it’s time once again for another GiveCamp and this time we’re hosting it here in my hometown Greeley, Colorado.

It looks like we have some great sponsors lined up for the event, the charities are filling in nicely, and volunteers are trickling in.

If you happen to be a GiveCamp “newb” and are on the fence about participating let me fill you in a bit more about how the event typically goes.

On the evening of May 4th we will have all the volunteers get together and shortly thereafter pair folks off according to skill set and assign a project manager to the team.

Let me just say that you don’t have to be an “Uber Coder” to participate. We have DBAs, Web Designers, Project Managers, etc. participating as well.

Once the teams are sorted the strategizing starts to take place and the project outline and tasks start to take shape.

From there we work to the goal and your team will present the final product to the charities on Sunday afternoon.

Since we will be having folks from as far as Colorado Springs you are welcome to bring your sleeping bag and crash out, or if you live close you’re welcome to set your own hours.

Being at the camp full time isn’t a requirement.

I have to say my last experience (see post) was one of hard work, but it was a very gratifying payoff to see the charities get the final product at the end.

We are going to have some nice swag, free meals, and a nice fat internet connection for volunteers.
Just bring your laptop and your expertise.

GiveCamp: Website
Link to sign up:

Hope to see you there!

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