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Making an iPad app with JavaScript

So recently at work I’ve gotten tasked with making a kids/educational game for the iPad. At the time of the project inception I hadn’t had the mobile training that I received up to this point. So, being a good web developer and JavaScript aficionado I chose a JS/HTML approach. The Framework Rather than re-invent the wheel… Read More »

So You Want To Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is definitely the “hot” old language with a new spin. With Microsoft betting on JavaScript with Windows 8 and their WinRT platform architecture now it probably a good time to start learning it. So where do you begin? A couple key starters are books. Two highly recommended books are: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by… Read More »

Following Me On Twitter

If you’re thinking about following me on Twitter: I don’t always tweet about “X technology”. Although a big part of my life is computers, programming, SQL server, and other technology I don’t always tweet about it. I try to keep a good mix and at any given time I tweet about life, family, or just… Read More »

Leveraging AWS for Website Failover

Traditionally when planned (or unplanned) data center outages occur the company website is the most visible hit. This leaves the web folks scrambling to find a solution to bring something up for the outside users while the problem is addressed. However, unless the internal problem is fixed, the only way out is to stand up… Read More »

Stupid Resume Tips

There has been a recent discussion on resumes on Twitter and the Midnight DBA blog/show. In January the Colorado Springs SQL User Group will also be hosting SQL Saturday #104 and will have resume writers and mock interviews as part of the activities. Inspired by this I decided to dust off and update my own… Read More »

Nginx Reverse Proxy & Exchange ActiveSync for iOS

Wanted to put this post out there in hopes of helping the unfortunate soul who may be trying to get this working as well. Disclaimer: this solution has only been tested with the latest version of Nginx and OWA 2007. Your mileage may vary. First off I would like to reference a very good example… Read More »

Meme Monday #1

Thomas LaRock (blog | twitter) came up with the idea to post an 11 word “story” in honor of SQL Server 11 (Code-named Denali). In participation in the first “Meme Monday” I give you: Space Running Low, Data In Jeopardy. Larger Hard Drives Create Calm. I also tag: Jason Horner (blog | twitter) Randy Knight… Read More »

Change Is Good

Have had a few changes this weekend technology speaking. New Twitter Avatar It was suggested during the last conference that I add a “real” pic as my twitter avatar. I have to say it was kind of frustrating to try and meet new people when they had no idea what I looked like. So I… Read More »