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Getting Things Done (So Far)

It’s been about a month since I’ve completed the book on “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and integrated lists into my organizational process. It’s a quick read (200 pages) and if you don’t want to buy it I found my copy readily available at my local library. In this whole process of re-organization I… Read More »

UDFs And Why Do I Care? Part One

A UDF is a User Defined Function in SQL Server. You can develop the function using T-SQL or your favorite .NET language (C#, VB, etc). For Part One I’m going to talk about Scalar UDFs. Scalar UDFs are functions that return a single value only. There are a couple limitations to what UDFs can and can’t… Read More »

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PSA: Sleep Apnea

This is more of a public service post than anything, but I thought I’d share in case there was anyone else out there experiencing some of these symptoms and wondering if they should do a sleep study. Initially (4 years ago) I went to the doctor because I was experiencing severe headaches in the morning… Read More »