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2011: The Year of Focus

It’s that time of year when people promise to themselves to lose weight, stop smoking, and stop writing cursors. This month’s TSQL Tuesday topic is about the latter, habits or things you’d change as a DBA. If you’re new to SQL Server you may not be aware that the amount of knowledge out there is… Read More »

SQL Saturday #52 Colorado

Yesterday I was fortunate to have attended SQL Saturday down in Englewood. For those that might not know SQL Saturday is a FREE one-day event with expert speakers that are all about SQL Server. In attendance were several MVPs: Jason Strate, Chris Shaw, Glenn Berry, and Tim Mitchell (just to name a few). I started… Read More »

MongoDB and SSIS

Below is a very simple proof of concept that I’ve been batting around in my head awhile. There is much talk of the validity of MongoDB ( and even of it’s replacing SQL Server. I am in no way advocating this. MongoDB is great for some applications, but not a full ACID compliant database in… Read More »