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Twitter to SQL Server with Powershell

Had an idea the other day that it might be nice to be able to grab tweets based on a keyword and populate a SQL Server table. So I put together the following simple PowerShell script to do just that. First I create “tweet” table under a database called TwitterDB: [sql] CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tweets]( [published]… Read More »

2011: The Year of Focus

It’s that time of year when people promise to themselves to lose weight, stop smoking, and stop writing cursors. This month’s TSQL Tuesday topic is about the latter, habits or things you’d change as a DBA. If you’re new to SQL Server you may not be aware that the amount of knowledge out there is… Read More »

Why are DBA skills necessary? #TSQL2sDay

Finally taking the plunge. First time blogger to T-SQL Tuesday here. I would have to start by saying that as I’ve grown in DBA skill and knowledge coming from the dark side (developers) I can see right off the bat some skills that are critical. Here are just some basic examples (near and dear to… Read More »

UDFs And Why Do I Care? Part One

A UDF is a User Defined Function in SQL Server. You can develop the function using T-SQL or your favorite .NET language (C#, VB, etc). For Part One I’m going to talk about Scalar UDFs. Scalar UDFs are functions that return a single value only. There are a couple limitations to what UDFs can and can’t… Read More »

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