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GiveCamp Greeley

So it’s time once again for another GiveCamp and this time we’re hosting it here in my hometown Greeley, Colorado. It looks like we have some great sponsors lined up for the event, the charities are filling in nicely, and volunteers are trickling in. If you happen to be a GiveCamp “newb” and are on… Read More »

Do The Kan Kanban?

What is Kanban? Kanban means “billboard” or “sign” in Japanese. Originally developed as a way for Toyota to optimize their assembly line flow it has since been used for numerous other industries and even in your personal life as a form of organization. Getting started is pretty easy. First assemble the following items: Whiteboard Sticky… Read More »

Following Me On Twitter

If you’re thinking about following me on Twitter: I don’t always tweet about “X technology”. Although a big part of my life is computers, programming, SQL server, and other technology I don’t always tweet about it. I try to keep a good mix and at any given time I tweet about life, family, or just… Read More »

Confessions of a Fad Diet

Ok, first I have to say that I’m not a doctor, dietician, or expert in any way. My results are my own and I’m not suggesting anyone else following in my footsteps. I don’t believe this is the type of diet that you do and go back to old habits either. My plan is to… Read More »

Don’t Bash Users, Bash Problems

Edward Tufte once said “Only two industries refer to their customers as ‘users’: computer design and drug dealing.” I find the comparison interesting for the fact that “users” need I.T. professionals in a similar way (sans the addiction part). It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about grandma needing help setting up her e-mail, or the… Read More »

Stupid Resume Tips

There has been a recent discussion on resumes on Twitter and the Midnight DBA blog/show. In January the Colorado Springs SQL User Group will also be hosting SQL Saturday #104 and will have resume writers and mock interviews as part of the activities. Inspired by this I decided to dust off and update my own… Read More »

Nginx Reverse Proxy & Exchange ActiveSync for iOS

Wanted to put this post out there in hopes of helping the unfortunate soul who may be trying to get this working as well. Disclaimer: this solution has only been tested with the latest version of Nginx and OWA 2007. Your mileage may vary. First off I would like to reference a very good example… Read More »

Wash Your Filthy Forms

So I recently inherited some additional sites to manage. Unfortunately some of them were running Classic ASP via IIS5 with a back-end Access (aaargh!) database. Still, I really wasn’t too concerned about anything other than the age of the server and software. After searching Secunia there’s only one known vulnerability (hack to bypass logging). But,… Read More »