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By | February 18, 2012


If you’re thinking about following me on Twitter:

I don’t always tweet about “X technology”. Although a big part of my life is computers, programming, SQL server, and other technology I don’t always tweet about it. I try to keep a good mix and at any given time I tweet about life, family, or just something I find absolutely hilarious (I hope you do too).

I go to conferences and tweet about them. I am a fairly active member of the SQL Server community as well as the .NET community. With that I regularly attend conferences and events and tweet about them. I know for some this may get old really quick on a Saturday afternoon. All I can say is they usually only last a few hours 😉

My intention is never to offend. I usually try to keep twitter light and outside of the political or religious arena.

My opinions are not my employer’s. ‘Nuff said

Why I don’t follow you. Occasionally I will go through my follower list and see what others are talking about. If I see you tweeting about something that interests me I will most likely follow back. Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow right away or never follow. It could be that the timing is just wrong.

Other reasons I might not follow you:

  • You seem like a spammer. Please put up a picture, stop re-tweeting news links all the time, make yourself as “real” as possible. I want to hear from you, not the latest Apple news that’s already been re-tweeted 1,000 times.
  • You’re constantly negative. The world is negative. I even get negative sometimes. It happens. Given the choice I don’t prefer to see it on twitter.

Why I do follow you

  • You have some great things to say
  • You’re funny. If you make me laugh. Well. Then I thank you for that.
  • We’ve met in real life. Usually an instant follow.
  • We’ve shared a great discussion. Of course I will follow you.

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