Hey Microsoft, Can I Haz New Zune for the Holiday?

By | December 5, 2011

If you’re a fan of certain fruit named products then you won’t appreciate this post, but what I’d like from Microsoft this holiday season is a new Zune device.

While I realize you can head over to zune.net and still buy a new Zune HD there doesn’t seem to be any development of a new device on the horizon. The current direction seems to be targeted to Zune on the Windows phone.

Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the new Windows phone as my primary phone. The “people hub” just isn’t how I use my phone. As an I.T. professional my usage is more date-centric versus people-centric. I mean if my wife hadn’t “rescued me” I’d still be coding in a dark corner of my parents basement and avoiding “people” at all costs.

Feel free to flame me but Android (or even iOS) just make more sense as a phone OS.

However, I love the Zune as an at-home or portable wireless device. They are easy to use, the software is smooth and well designed, you can sync your music collection via wi-fi, web browse, listen to podcasts, video, etc etc.

My wish list for the new Zune device would be as follows:

1. Slightly larger screen
2. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming apps
3. E-mail client
4. Twitter app
5. Facebook app (for my wife)

Basically a Windows phone without the phone part and the carrier costs associated. (Think iPod touch as related to the iPhone).

So Microsoft –climbing up on Microsoft’s metaphorical lap–, for the holidays, please make a new Zune device.

I’ve been a very good boy this year.

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