Change Is Good

By | April 3, 2011

Have had a few changes this weekend technology speaking.

New Twitter Avatar

It was suggested during the last conference that I add a “real” pic as my twitter avatar. I have to say it was kind of frustrating to try and meet new people when they had no idea what I looked like. So I updated my avatar earlier in the week.

Not Glamour Shots, but hey it’s not a beauty contest right? Or is it?


Elephants Never Forget

You’ve seen the super bowl commercials, and maybe you’ve heard about the elephant killings.

I’ve actually been a customer of GoDaddy since its inception. Finally I just couldn’t stomach giving my money to a company who seems to thrive on controversy.

Another factor that played into this was the recent MidnightDBA debacle with GoDaddy.

“I just wanted my domain names, but you started to make me hate you GoDaddy”.

On a recommendation I have switched one of my domains to NameCheap (based on the name I remain skeptical but yes, I *am* cheap so…).

If it works well I may switch all my names to them.

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