Monthly Archives: February 2011

Restarting Services with PowerShell

Thought I’d share a script I use to reset services nightly. This script will also e-mail if something goes wrong on the restart (which hasn’t ever been the case so far). This specific reason I built this is for a Tomcat server that has some problems with errand threads (I didn’t build it and can’t… Read More »

PSA: Sleep Apnea (Follow-up)

So a few months ago I posted about sleep apnea and my experiences in getting diagnosed and treated. It’s been about 3 months now and I have to say it took about 2 months to totally get used to the mask at night (see pic). One thing for me that was interesting is that it… Read More »

Twitter to SQL Server with Powershell

Had an idea the other day that it might be nice to be able to grab tweets based on a keyword and populate a SQL Server table. So I put together the following simple PowerShell script to do just that. First I create “tweet” table under a database called TwitterDB: [sql] CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tweets]( [published]… Read More »