Monthly Archives: January 2011

SQL Obsession: Smells like a sweet contest

My wife says I should start with something witty, but since I can’t think of anything I’ll give a little background first. I grew up in small town Colorado, I met my wife in Chicago where I attended college and lived for over 7 years. We returned to Colorado before the birth of our first… Read More »

Motorola Droid v1 Rooted

So first I should put a standard disclaimer: This process will void your warranty and possibly “brick” you phone. Only attempt this if you’re willing to accept the risk. I’ve had my original Motorola Droid for over a year and a half now and I still love it. Up until now I didn’t want to… Read More »

2011: The Year of Focus

It’s that time of year when people promise to themselves to lose weight, stop smoking, and stop writing cursors. This month’s TSQL Tuesday topic is about the latter, habits or things you’d change as a DBA. If you’re new to SQL Server you may not be aware that the amount of knowledge out there is… Read More »