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An Easy Way To Optimize Page Allocation in TempDB

The other day (prompted by a tweet by @buckwoody) I ran the Microsoft Baseline Analyzer on one of my SQL DBs. One of the recommendations it made was that I create multiple data files for tempDB as allocations were slow. I vaguely remember reading about doing this but was still hazy on the details. So… Read More »

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No I.T. Training Budget? Twitter to the Rescue!

As everyone knows the economy has been tough on the I.T. field. Redmond magazine even did a great piece in their June issue called “I.T. Hell: How the Recession Has Affected I.T. Jobs“. More often than not the first thing out the I.T. budget window is training and travel. Since technology changes almost daily an… Read More »

MongoDB and SSIS

Below is a very simple proof of concept that I’ve been batting around in my head awhile. There is much talk of the validity of MongoDB ( and even of it’s replacing SQL Server. I am in no way advocating this. MongoDB is great for some applications, but not a full ACID compliant database in… Read More »

Favorite SQL Server Tools

Built into 2008 is a nice little tool called Activity Monitor. If you have SSMS 2008 simply open it, right-click on the top level server name and select “Activity Monitor”. With Activity Monitor you can get real-time data on Processes, Wait Tasks, and I/O. A very handy and quick view of your SQL Server(s). Also,… Read More »

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