Tech Interview Tips From The Other Side

Usually I am on the interviewer side of the table when looking at prospective job applicants. But recently I had the opportunity to sit on the other side of the table. Here are some things I learned. A Good Candidate Interviews the Company A good candidate interviews you just as much as you interview them.… Read More »

Making an iPad app with JavaScript

So recently at work I’ve gotten tasked with making a kids/educational game for the iPad. At the time of the project inception I hadn’t had the mobile training that I received up to this point. So, being a good web developer and JavaScript aficionado I chose a JS/HTML approach. The Framework Rather than re-invent the wheel… Read More »

Mind The Gap – Overcoming the “Management Gap”

Have you ever had to sit down and explain to management the hows/whys starting from the very very basics of how a technology works? To the point you just want to scream? It can be a frustrating, time-consuming, seemingly non-productive experience which can be compounded even more the bigger the knowledge gap (or “management gap”… Read More »

Slides for Object Relational Mapping A to Z

Recently did a presentation for the Application Development Virtual Chapter for the Professional Association of SQL Server. Sorry for the tardiness of this but here is a copy of the slide deck as well as the links to the source code on Github. Slides: Object Relational Mapping from A to Z NHibernate Demo Source Entity Framework… Read More »

Getting Started with Grunt JS

If you’re not familiar Grunt ( is a “task-based command line build tool for JavaScript” along the lines of Ant or Maven for those of you from the Java world. One big reason I love this tool is no Java is required. This is already a huge plus for me since I don’t like to… Read More »

Another SQL Saturday Recap – #SQLSat153

Just yesterday I finished uploading my slides from my first ever talk at a SQL Saturday. Of course being a “rebel” I am my topic was actually about NoSQL. However, I believe it was still SQL-relevant in drawing comparisons and talking about when you might use it to compliment your RDBMS’s Road Trip I was… Read More »

Using Trello To Manage Your Book Queue

This past January I took the plunge and bought myself an e-reader. The idea was to have my books, both technical and for fun, always at hand. Now I have small children, a house, a car, etc etc and don’t make the “big money”. So the outlay of $150 for myself was kind of a… Read More »